Home Remedy for Dog Dry Itchy Skin

Home Remedy for Dog Dry Itchy Skin

From the air your dog breathes inside your home to the food it eats, there is a lot that can get your dog’s paws to scratching. While itchy and irritated dog skin can be a distressing problem (especially if you value a clean and sanitary home) there are some pretty simple ways you can combat itchy and dry dog skin.

A good rule of thumb when it comes to your dog’s dermatological state is: if it irritates your skin, it can irritate your dog’s skin. Keep this in mind when you start seeing your dog scratch a certain area of his or her body incessantly.

The Air Up There

When was the last time you had the vents of your HVAC system cleaned? Maybe you have been sneezing a lot more yourself and noticing that the skin is flaking. This may very well be an allergic reaction your dog is having to the dust and debris that is being circulated through your home via your HVAC ducts.

Consider getting a thorough cleaning of your vents and ducts because this can not only benefit the skin but your own respiratory health as well. There are also advanced filters that you can have installed in your vents that drastically reduce debris in interior air and humidifiers that can improve the condition.

Doggie Diets

The bad news: dogs can be allergic to a lot of different kinds of foods which can affect the condition of their skin. The good news: with some simple observation you can detect and eliminate the problem.

For starters, if you feed table scraps (especially meats like chicken, beef, turkey and pork) and he or she is suffering from dry and itchy skin, stop! Direct exposure to certain foods can trigger allergic reactions resulting in irritation. If the problem persists, consider feeding him organic and more natural dog food.

Canine Relations

Has your dog been spending time at the local dog park? Even coming into contact with other dogs with dry itchy dog skin can make an impact on derma-health. Ask other owners if their dogs have been scratching or flaking more than usual. If the answer is yes, limit your dog’s contact with theirs.

Effective Home Remedies

If none of the above has worked, try any of the following treatments:

  • Vitamin E –Massaging and stimulating the skin is a great way to promote natural healing but when you add some vitamin E oil in the mix, you’ve got yourself a great home remedy for irritated doggy skin.
  • Chamomile Tea – Chamomile tea is not just to help you relax anymore. Chilling and spraying your dog’s red and irritated skin with chamomile tea will soothe it and kill yeast and bacteria.
  • Oatmeal – Remember how your mom gave you an oatmeal bath when you had chickenpox? Oatmeal treatment can have the same healing effect as well. Soak your dog in some ground up oatmeal and you should see immediate results.

Be Mindful

In the end, the most important step in combating dry itchy dog skin is to carefully observe your dog. Pay attention to how often and where it is scratching. Be mindful of what remedies do and don’t work. Finally, be willing to make the needed changes to diet, interior air and play habits of your dog. If you are willing and mindful, you can say goodbye to you and your dog’s itchy skin woes.