How to Get Rid of Cat Acne With Home Remedies

How to Get Rid of Cat Acne With Home Remedies

Cat acne is a skin condition in cats that can appear in any gender or age. It may wane or wax and if not handled well can be very hard to treat. Signs can range from severely inflamed pustules to barely noticeable blackheads. Although some cats are not bothered by this, some are very painful and itchy. The good news is that there are a lot of remedies that you can use from home to treat this.

What Causes Acne in Cats?

Although there is no outright cause of this condition, there are many factors that can contribute to this. These include

  • Concurrent disease or infection
  • Stress
  • Poor grooming
  • Suppressed immune system
  • Too much bacteria in the body
  • Dermatitis
  • Abnormal oil production in the body

In most cases, feline acne is diagnosed by your vet. During diagnosis process, your vet will rule out the possibility such as fungal, bacterial, and demodox Infections and examine the overall health of your cat. He will test using methods such as bacterial and fungal culture, skin biopsy and skin scrapings.

Should you be worried if your cat has acne?

Acne is generally not a life-threatening condition but you need be worried about it especially if it persists. This is because it can lead to a lot of discomfort and infection if left unattended to. However, you do not have to rush to the emergency room in the middle of the night. If you suspect that cat acne is at play, there are a number of things that you can try out.

Home remedies for cat acne

If your cat is suffering from mild cases of acne, you can treat it at home. The secret is to get rid of the excess of sebum that may be causing this. You can give it a bath but if that is hard, simply clean it using a moist cloth. You can also use antibacterial soap in the affected area.

Use betadine or hydrogen peroxide solution to clean your cat. You can also use some salty water to bathe him. This will help him calm down. Try to scrub the area gently since scrubbing hard might aggravate the condition.

In some instances, you can also use Aloe Vera. Aloe Vera gel is very much effective in providing relief. You may buy one from the pharmacy or get a fresh one straight from the plant. Avoid using Aloe Vera that is combined with other products that might be harmful to the cat.

Check the bowl. If you use ceramic or plastic bowls for feeding, there is a higher chance that acne may develop over time. Since many cats are often intolerant to them, they may develop acne around the chin. The reason is that these materials are porous hence can trap bacteria. The best remedy is to change to metal bowls

Simple wait as some cases of acne can go away themselves after a few days.


As much as there are remedies for treating cat acne, there are some cases that require a visit to the doctor. If your cat appears to be disturbed by the area or the area does to heal, you need to seek medical attention, Is some instances, you may require antibiotics.