Best Home Remedies For Ear Mites In Cats

Domestic Cat

Ear mites can be an irritating and scary thing for your cat or yourself. There are many great and safe home remedies that are effective in killing and keeping them away. The first step in getting rid of ear mites is to first determine whether or not your cat is actually suffering from them and not another condition. Though the signs can be an indication of many skin infections, ear mite signs can be seen by looking into the pets ear.

You may notice early signs including:

  • redness of the inside of the ear
  • inflammation of the ear canal
  • high amount of wax in the ear canal
  • small black spots, which could be dried blood from scratching

Symptoms may include:

  • scratching at the affected area
  • shaking head in an effort to get the mites out
  • your pet may seem to have vertigo, or dizziness
  • or unable to hold their head upright

The best treatment to start is by cleaning out and removing any debris or wax in the canal. One home remedy that can be easily done involves using almond, olive or another mineral oil. Try several drops of warm oil and gently massage the ear. Wipe it clean with tissue or a cotton ball afterwards.

Do not use cotton swabs, which could potentially damage the ear canal. Oil can smother the mites and keep them from going deeper in the canal, which can result in a middle ear infection. By continuing this process every morning and every evening over several weeks, you are more apt to clear out all mites and any eggs that might have been laid.

A mixture of crushed garlic and olive oil can be used as well. First crush the garlic and soak it in the olive oil overnight. The next morning you can heat the oil and add about five drops to your cats ear. This treatment option is recommended to be done over twenty one days.

Another treatment option includes a half an ounce of olive oil and 400 IU’s vitamin E. This option is not recommended for red, swollen ears or open wounds. After warming the mixture, insert half an eyedropper filed with the mixture into the affected ear and then massaging gently. This treatment should be done for six days, left alone for a few days, then it can be repeated.

Aloe and Calendula essential oil is another great home remedy. Just apply several drops over twenty one days. This treatment can be very healthy and also very soothing for the swelling and pain.

Ear mites are very easy to treat from home. There are many different options available, which will be beneficial to your cat. Remember to always be gentle when inserting anything into a cats ear, and have someone help you so that the cat or yourself are not hurt. Cats are very sensitive and once the mites have become a big enough problem, your cat will probably be very irritated. Take your time and have patience with you kitty!